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Scarlett Poppies

Scarlett Poppies Janet Shorts

Scarlett Poppies Janet Shorts

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Comfort meets style with the JANET SHORTS. Featuring our stunning signature paisley print inspired by seashells from around the world, these shorts are a true standout. Designed with a high waist fit, the Janet Shorts provide optimal comfort, while the plain waistband at the front adds a touch of simplicity. At the back, a smock detail ensures a snug yet flexible fit. The excess fabric is skillfully tucked into fine pleats around the waistline, creating a sleek and polished appearance.

• High waist, pleated fabric around the waistband
• Fixed waist panel at front with fine deco stitches
• Fixed waist panel at back with zipper
• Slip pockets
• Wide leg opening
• All-over printed
• 100% cotton

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